Welcome to Solasta Wellness


Welcome to Solasta Wellness

Yoga. Holistic Treatments. Doula. Pregnancy & Postnatal Support.

Weaving together insight grounded in the latest pregnancy research, intuitive healing and professional experience, Solasta has been birthed by knowledgeable Holistic Therapist, Yoga teacher and Mother, Beth Hawkins.


Who is Solasta Wellness &
The Diabetic Doula?

My Story

Solasta Wellness is very much a personal story, a blending of my own life experiences and personal passions. Starting with my own mother, who has always been a strong female role in my life. Through her own hardships she has supported many women in her work as a yoga teacher, doula and trauma specialist, whilst also raising a family. This grounding led me into a life guided by empathy, female empowerment and a natural approach to health and well-being.

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes aged 9, health has always played a pivotal role in how I approach life. Determined to not let it define me or negatively effect my life, focusing on my health whilst also living the life I want to live is a balance I strive to keep.

Being hands on and empathetic led me to a rewarding career as a Holistic Therapist, working all over the world and also running my own Spa business. However, from a young age midwifery always called to me. This guided my training into holistic treatments specific to pregnancy, including pregnancy massage and reflexology. Hungry for more, training as a Yoga Teacher and then a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher further complimenting the offerings I can bring to women during this transformative time.

Still feeling the call to train as a midwife, a move across the bridge to Wales allowed me the opportunity to study Maternity Care at Swansea University. Fuelling my passion for education and women’s rights it also introduced me to evidence-based information and research. Finally cementing my career away from the NHS and the restrictive guidelines and protocols, this qualification included doula training and opened up to me the opportunity to work in a way that is fully woman-centred, blending my previous experience and offerings with evidence based in science and informed choice.

This course coincided with my own pregnancy, my son was born during the Covid-19 pandemic in July 2020. A huge eye opener to not only the miracle that is the female body, it was also a true journey of strength and stamina to navigate the NHS system, as a pregnant type 1 diabetic woman. The Diabetic Doula blog was born out of a desire to share my story and to empower other type 1 women and their families through this journey.


Solasta Wellness has been created to support women through the initiation that is pregnancy, birth and motherhood. This journey is often underestimated in Western Society, and with the current global climate further restricting much needed support.

Community, friendship, support, birthrights, evidence-based research and a mothers intuition are at the very core of Solasta and what I hope to bring to this world.



"I had a pregnancy massage this morning and it was absolute bliss! Beth is fantastic at creating a relaxing atmosphere and is so knowledgeable about pregnancy. Beth is a lovely, welcoming person who makes you feel comfortable and happy. I have felt so calm and my body has felt so relaxed since having the massage and I really enjoyed working on my relaxation breathing techniques whilst having it. I have also been going to Beth’s weekly pregnancy yoga class which I always look forward to, Beth is a talented yoga instructor who understands the physiology of the body during pregnancy and teaches yoga moves which feel amazing. Thank you so much, I will definitely be having another pregnancy massage before the baby arrives"

Rebecca, Swansea

Pregnancy & Parent/Baby Yoga

Combining gentle movement, breathwork and relaxation. Ensuring both your body and mind are relaxed and allowing important time to bond with your baby.